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Protein-Packed Pumpkin Pie Parfait

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON BULLETPROOF. As soon as that first fall breeze kicks up the leaves, our minds shift from swimming and cookouts to warm sweet spices and fluffy blankets. Autumn harvest time also means pumpkin season is in full swing, and pumpkin desserts...

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Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON DR. AXE. Oatmeal is a terrific healthy breakfast option. It’s easy to prepare and a high-fiber food that will keep you feeling full and satisfied — and it’s easy to customize when feeding the family.   It also gets overlooked often,...

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Build a Fall Garden Medicine Chest

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOTHER EARTH LIVING. Fall has come, and with it the time for us to put away our tools, slow down and prepare for a long winter’s rest. Many of us need this physical reminder. Between work, errands, school activities and more, it can be...

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Ghee Roasted Brussels Sprouts

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON ORGANIC AUTHORITY. Along with being the trendy vegetable du jour, Brussels sprouts are nutritious superstars that taste seriously delicious when cooked correctly.    When ill prepared, Brussels sprouts can be mushy, watery, and just...

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Apple and Pear Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON FAMILY AND FORKS. Sweltering heat from earlier this week is finally replaced by cooler, more seasonably Fall weather. A crisp breeze and bright sun set against deep blue skies and dashes of color in the trees confirm the season’s arrival...

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Hearty Salads for Winter

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOTHER EARTH LIVING. Get cooking inspiration with these ideas for salads that make the most of seasonal greens, dried fruits and healthy whole grains.     We typically think of summer as salad season and winter as the time for...

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Cranberry Balsamic Roasted Chicken

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON COTTER CRUNCH. Balsamic Roasted Chicken with Cranberries, prepped and cooked in ONE PAN! Yes, your holiday table is complete. This Paleo Cranberry Balsamic Roasted Chicken is a simple yet healthy dinner. A sweet tangy marinade makes...

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 “I love how the EatLoCo site has created such an outstanding resource for consumers and visitors to Loudoun County. The great tips and resources they provide on how to eat healthier along with information on local farm stands to buy locally grown fruits, vegetables and other products, can help us all live a healthier lifestyle.”
Tony Howard
President & CEO
Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce
I started eating clean about three months ago to try to help my chronic migraines so I am new to the organic scene. I was searching for local farmer’s markets and farms but I did not have much luck. I discovered EatLoCo after a friend suggested your website. I was so excited when I checked out EatLoCo and found so much information in one place. Your website is now part of my migraine tool kit. I have gone from 20 migraines a month to only 3 a month! Thanks EatLoCo for helping me down the clean path to relief.
Kristin P., South Riding, VA

26sep - 31octsep 269:00 amoct 31Fall Pumpkin Harvest Festival(september 26) 9:00 am - (october 31) 5:00 pm est Great Country Farms

4nov - 7nov 410:00 amnov 7Pumpkin Chunkin10:00 am - 5:00 pm (7) est Great Country Farms

11nov10:00 am- 5:00 pmCorn Hole for a Cause10:00 am - 5:00 pm est Bluemont Vineyard

11nov10:30 am- 12:00 pmThe Veterans Day Chili Cook-off & Fundraiser10:30 am - 12:00 pm EST The Leesburg Farmers Market

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