ChefScape will also house the county’s first year-round indoor farmers market, in partnership with EatLoco.

Along with giving the public an opportunity to purchase farm-grown produce even in the coldest months, the market will be an important opportunity for farmers to sell directly to restaurants and other food service industry professionals. In fact, the first hour of the Thursday market, from 3-4 p.m., will be for food service industry professionals only.

“They’d love to sell to restaurants but it’s very hard for them to make these connections,” EatLoco founder Dan Hine said. “We’re bringing the restaurants to them. Anything we can do for the farmers we do.”

Hine said the hope is restaurants and other users like bed-and-breakfasts and hotels will place standing orders with the farms. By picking up food on a Thursday it can be used for the busy weekends, with the stock replenished or new items ready by the following Thursday, he said. There will be room for about 40 vendors at the farmers market, which will be open to the public every Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m.

ChefScape expects to be open to the public by July 1, although the farmers market may open prior to that, Grivas said.

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