You’ve spent a ton of money getting your truck purchased, painted, tuned and setup. Now let’s put it to work for you. Getting listed on our food truck page will get you found in Loudoun County and pushed out regularly to all our local wineries, breweries, event planners and EatLoco’s thousands of followers. Be part of the “go-to source” for local businesses looking to schedule a variety of food trucks for their events.

Keep reading to learn more and SIGN-UP today for only $99/month!


As a subscriber to our LoCo food truck page, your food truck will be displayed with a beautifully designed block style presentation (see sample ad on right), a mini spreadsheet below it showing where your truck(s) are going to be (along with the dates/times), and a PDF of your menu (provided by you). Visitor are taken directly to your website when they click on your photo.


For the first time ever, Loudoun County Food Trucks are now digitally on display 24/7 with easy access for anyone needing to locate and hire food trucks for their personal or corporate events. Displayed on its own EatLoCo website page, our LoCo food truck subscribers will be promoted often to wineries, breweries and event planners through physical fliers, various social media channels and other means of on-going advertising. 


EatLoco has been tasked by a growing number of Loudoun (and surrounding county) companies, to host and manage their food truck rallies and events (sometimes weekly) throughout the year. Don’t miss out on being chosen for these high-profile events. Note: We get to know all our food truck vendors as best we can so we can put our name behind our recommendations. This means everything to the companies that wish to hire you.


Show people where your food trucks are going to be every day of the week on our easy-to-use interactive spreadsheet. This will give potential customers and event planners the ability to find you and try your products. We’ll give you access to update your own calendar/spreadsheet and watch it auto-publish under your ad instantly. 
Sample Food Truck Listing

It’s time to put YOUR Loco Food Truck on the map

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