Our Farmers and Marketplace Vendors Need You!

(and so do our Customers)

Want to make a difference AND help the farmers? Consider working (volunteer or paid) at any of our fabulous EatLoco marketplaces!

The farmers at our marketplaces have incredible products to sell –  but it takes a lot of work to set up, help the customers, re-stock, ring up sales and then pack up the market booths at the end of the day.


Have time on the weekend to work make some extra cash?
• Learn about farmer’s, good growing practices and how to sell these unique types of foods?
The farmer’s at our marketplaces will train you on their business and customer-relations aspects of farmers markets. Working with a farmer is an unforgettable experience and making time to help out will leave you passionate for supporting locally grown, healthy, fresh food. And still make a little cash doing it.
Ready to give it a try?  Fill in your contact information below and you’ll be added to our vendor call list. From there, our farmers and vendors will contact you directly when they need help at any one of our great local marketplaces or even on their farm. Yes, it’s that easy. 

Disclaimer: this is an independent, volunteer recruiting service provided by EatLoCo. Negotiations between farmers and volunteer or their paid helpers remains at the sole discretion and responsibility of the farmer and selected volunteer and/or helper.

Make extra cash

Join us at the marketplace when you’re available & start making some extra cash on the side!

Vendor Call List

As a reliable and recognized Marketplace helper, you’ll be one of the first called when help is needed!

Feel Good Helping

Give back to the community by helping our Vendors sell their products to locals!

Flexible Schedule

When you’re available, let us know. We can work with your schedule and are flexible!


One Loudoun Market (Saturdays, 9-1)
Brambleton Market (Sundays, 9-1 ) starting April 1
Purcellville Market (Saturdays 9-1) starting May 5
Village at Leesburg INDOOR (Thursdays 3 – 7)
starting May 2018
Village at Leesburg Market (Sundays 9 – 1)
starting May 2018



Between $14-$18/hour
(depending on the vendor)

This is a free service offered by EatLoco to our vendors.
Once you have established a working relationship with any of our vendors, you can contact them directly moving forward.

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