One topic I wanted to share with you on the blog is all about the core of the living well andeating whole…P R E P. With so much going on and running around all around town (sound familiar?), my number one secret weapon for eating well and feeling amazing is healthy meal prep. Starting to prep healthy meals for an entire week can be really overwhelming, but have no fear for I’m here to help ya out. I’m sharing my top 10 steps to healthy meal prep like a boss that you can try out this weekend. Keep reading for my tried and true method for becoming a healthy meal prep pro.



I started meal prepping in college when I was super busy running between classes, meetings, and hanging out with friends and just didn’t have the time to cook healthy meals. Sound familiar? I started cooking ahead on Sundays so that throughout the week I could just grab and go healthy, whole food meals that would keep me feeling amazing and focused. These days I’ve gotten meal prep down to a science and can grocery shop, prep, and cook in under 3 hours most Sundays. Having meals ready to go gives me more energy and focus for the work I do with Nutrition Stripped and gives me more time for the things I love like playing with my puppy Luna, working out, self care, and spending time with friends and family. Just a reminder, it takes practice to be able to meal prep this quickly, but give it a few tries and you will see as you get more familiar with the recipes and in the kitchen, you’ll get faster and faster! Below are my top ten tips to saving time and energy during your weekly meal prep.

NO. 1

Go grocery shopping. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important you prioritize your trip to the store or farmers market before you even begin prep! Be efficient and choose times where traffic is low so you can get in and get out. Usually on Sunday afternoons the grocery store is a mad house, so I usually go earlier in the morning when it’s much easier to get my shopping done quickly.

NO. 2

Have a meal plan and recipe list to cook from already planned out. In the Society we have the entire summer planned out for you with 4 rotations, kid friendly lists, a 911 emergency meal plan day for when you’re in a bind, and a list of alternative recipes to add in in case you want a little more variety. Without a meal plan, you’re often left with a ton of food and ingredients but no focus or recipes to make, which means food inevitably goes bad OR you waste time daily thinking about what to cook and #noonehastimeforthat.

NO. 3

Clean em’! Wash, rinse, and store your fruits and veggies properly. If you need a guide to store produce read this post. You’ll thank yourself later for doing all the dirty work ahead of time when they’re ready to go when you are.

NO. 4

Multi-task. I’m all about being efficient with my time and that carries over into cooking as well. A fundamental component to the Society is saving you time! Cook things on the stove top like hard boiled eggs, quinoa, soups, etc. while at the same time you’re baking off veggies, sweet potatoes, granola, etc. in the oven and making hummus, homemade almond milk, or salad dressings in the blender. Use your time wisely!

NO. 5

Have fun. Grab your significant other, your BFF, or your family and have fun in the kitchen cooking together while listening to music and jammin’. It’s not all work!

NO. 6

Make your favorites. I have a list of staple batch cooking items I prep weekly and rotate them out here and there. I decrease decision fatigue in my life as much as possible, and making food ahead of time is just one of the many ways I keep important energy focused on making big decisions versus just what to eat daily. That’s why I shared my tips in depth with the Society members and it’s helped them tremendously!



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