Let’s face it, kids are germ magnets. It seems as though they often find themselves in the most germ-filled situations and are more than happy to transport those germs around. Schools, play grounds, and other areas where children reside can often be a hot spot for germs, and if they aren’t careful they can quickly become sick and pass the illness on to others. Teaching kids about germs is important as it will help them lead a healthier life and keep those around them healthy as well. Teaching kids about germs doesn’t have to be difficult. Just take a look below at 10 ways to teach kids about germs so they can stay healthy and safe.

1. Make your own germ model.

Kids don’t always realize what germs look like. Make your own germ model using play dough and q-tips. Simply roll the dough into a ball and poke the q-tips into it. This is what a germ looks like magnified. Notice how the tips make it easy to attach to other things.

2. Look at photos of germs magnified.

You can’t see germs on your hands, but they are there. Look at examples of germs magnified online. When kids see that these germs do in fact look like little monsters, they will be more than happy to scrub those germs away via great hand washing.


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