I like to have a clean home, as I’m sure you do too. Since Harley lives with me inside, I thought I would give you my 17 tips to keep your house clean and have a dog.

I’ve known people who refuse to get a dog because they feel it will mess up their lovely clean house and yard. I don’t understand why and could go off on a tangent about that topic alone.

For me and I’m sure you feel the same way, life is better with a dog or dogs. Yes, they are work and Harley especially because of her dietary requirements.

But I wouldn’ have it any other way. Would you?

Today I am going to share my tips I use to keep my home clean while I have Harley living the life inside.

Let’s get started.

1. Hand Vacuum

The hand vacuum is handy for those times when you need to clean up some crumbs or hair off the couch or floor but don’t want to lug out the big vacuum. Having this makes it easy and more doable.

2. Wash Paws

I like to wash Harley’s paws after she has been outside for a play. It helps get rid of dirt and grass and also duck poo from the native ducks that are around at the moment. I use warm water with a face cloth to wipe her paws.


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