Back in August I received our city’s program guide, I am sure a lot of you receive those, listing all of the activities for the next semester. I was flipping through it and I saw an advertisement for the annual turkey trot on Thanksgiving. I was getting excited about it, especially since it’s free, I thought Ryan and I should do this! What better way to start our Thanksgiving Day then with a run!

Turkey-Fruit-Platter-9So I tore the ad out of the book and clipped it to our fridge. Luckily I didn’t put anything in front of the paper so whenever I was in the kitchen doing dishes, I could look over and remember that the turkey trot is coming up!

I thought since the flyer had been hanging up for 2 months I should probably tell Ryan that I made plans for us to run the turkey trot on Thanksgiving day. So we had a quick chat about it back in October, and he wasn’t too excited. But I convinced him that we should do it, since it’s only a one mile run, and it would be good for us to work out before we eat all day long.

So it was settled, we were doing the turkey trot.

But you know what? …the flyer has been staring at me, like it’s out to get me, now that it’s getting closer to Thanksgiving!

And all that excitement I had a few months ago has completely worn off.

There is no possible way that getting up early and putting on my running tights on Thanksgiving sounds like fun. All I want to do is cozy up to the yule log on tv and watch the Macy’s Day Parade while Ryan and I bake our annual thanksgiving mini chocolate lava cakes.


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