Is your horse’s tail short, thin, dry, rubbed out, or frizzy? If so, these techniques will help your horse grow a healthy tail and will help you keep it long, thick, and looking great.

As funny as it might sound, I will never forget the defining moment that forever changed the way I care for my horse’s tail. The incident happened years ago, when I boarded at a public stable. I had my horse tied outside his stall and I was just about to brush his tail when the resident dressage trainer walked by. She stopped abruptly, gasped, grabbed the hairbrush out of my hand and shook it in my face.

“Never, ever, use one of these on your horse’s tail!” she exclaimed.” Then she threw the brush in a nearby trash can and marched off.

I was so shocked that I just stood there with my jaw gaping, my horse’s tail still in one hand and other frozen in place, palm open and now devoid of the hairbrush. After a moment, I regained my composure and looked toward the garbage can, contemplating whether or not to retrieve the brush. As if she could read my mind, the trainer, now far down the barn aisle, looked back over her shoulder and shook her finger at me.

I did retrieve the brush from the trash can, but I didn’t use it. I was too afraid the trainer would catch me. Instead, I sought her out while she was grooming her own horse. I looked at her horse’s tail. It was gorgeous. It was long and thick, right down to its neatly banged end. I peeked into her grooming box and didn’t see any tool that resembled a hairbrush.


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