Have I ever told you that I really dislike Summer? I am much more of a winter person but when a cooler season is on the horizon like Autumn, I think of all of the wonderful things I can enjoy doing in the garden without feeling like I need to turn the hose on myself or without the fear of getting burnt after only 10 minutes of being in the sun.

We are blessed with a gorgeous and very established garden full of beautiful trees (including fruit trees), flowers, birds and at night time, possums and on the odd occasion, bandicoots! I really want to introduce the joys of our garden to Elliott a bit more this coming Autumn and turn our gardens into an outdoor classroom.

It’s so important to get outdoors with the kids, isn’t it? To let them get their hands dirty, appreciate the different colours and textures, learn about the animals and plants and it’s great for the adults too, it’s a great form of time out (my favourite time out is actually going our chicken run and cuddling my chickens).

I’ve put together these kids gardening activities that I just adore and that are on my infamous to-do list. There’s so many great ideas here!

Reuse formula tins as plant pots

I while ago I created this post on ways to reuse formula tins but didn’t include this cool idea! What a lovely way to bring your garden to life with colour and some lovely flowers. The best thing is you don’t have to spend money on numerous plant pots, and….I just happen to have the perfect pole! Find out how to do this at The Endearing Home.

Seedlings in eggshells

This is a fun way to start seedlings and the best thing is that when they’re big enough to plant, you can plant the whole egg into the ground because they will naturally decompose. This is great for us because we have chickens and lots of eggs! You can find out more at Instructables.


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