I didn’t realize the difference between homemade nut milk and store-brand nut milk until I made my own. The taste, look, smell and just about everything is different. Not only that, but there are only TWO homemade ingredients compared to various in-store brand ingredients due to keeping them fresher…longer.

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Cashew milk may be one of my favorite homemade DIYs ever. It’s english creamy, frothy body is perfect by itself, in your morning cup of joe, smoothies… it compliments just about everything. The best part – it’s so simple to make. Lets get started.

1. Start buy purchasing raw nuts. I would recommend almonds or cashews – or both!

2. Next, soak the nuts in a container with purified water for 4-6 hours. (I actually end up soaking mine for almost 24 hours since I end up soaking at night and begin the process the next evening after work)

3. Rinse the nuts in a strainer. Get rid of the water you soaked them in. The nuts should look larger after soaking up water for various hours.

4. Next we blend. For every 1 cup of nuts add 2 cups of water. I can usually fit 2 cups of nuts and 4 cups of water in my blender (you don’t want it to be too full!). Put the blended part in a separate bowl. Keep doing this process until you are finished with the soaked nuts.

5. Once you are finished blending, my next step is to put the liquid through a juicer. If you don’t have a juicer – don’t worry. It’s another step to remove more of the pulp in the liquid.

6. Since I usually store my nut milk in mason jars, that is where we will be straining the milk. Get your cheese cloth ready and covered over the jar – pour the milk over top of it. You will see all the extra pulp sitting on top – this is good. We want to separate the pulp from the milk and continue this process until you’ve done it with all the milk. Once you are finished straining in the cheese cloth – you are finished! That’s it! So simple. Store in the refrigerator – mine usually stays fresh up to a week. Anytime after that if you notice a smell or strange color – toss it!


elfavicontip: don’t toss the pulp! We’ll make some homemade nut butter with it.

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