Adding instant color but with long-lasting practicality, these plant groupings are bright spots in a slumbering wintertime garden.

Winter can be bland at the best of times. While the structure plants of your garden can usually hold interest all year, containers that punctuate key areas of the space in the summer can look pretty tired once winter rolls around. We like to combat this by making the rounds of our clients’ gardens early in winter and switching up container plantings for items that will flourish through the colder months.

Traditional cedar boughs and holly can be quite festive in a container, and they work well with Christmas lights, but what about when the holidays are over and the lights have been put away? We like to focus on plant combinations that add instant color and can hold their own for months on end. In the spring the containers can be revitalized by moving some of the plants to garden beds and filling the holes with bulbs.

Here are some of our favorite plant selections that can be mixed and matched to create striking contemporary container arrangements.


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