Have a stinky house? Are your pets to blame?adorable-1853372_1280

Unfortunately, there are no magic ways that will keep your house smelling fresh and clean when you have pets. Basically, it’s a constant battle of maintaining a diligent schedule of keeping your house clean and bathing your pets and making sure that your pets behave in your home.

But there are some tips and tricks that can make it a bit easier to battle against the stinky pets and stinky home syndrome. So here are some simple methods you can try to help minimize pet odors in your home… without having to get rid of your pets:

1. Keep The Windows Open

Yes, this first tip is stunning in its obviousness. By opening the windows daily and keeping them open as much as possible, you will let fresh air into the house. This will help your home smell fresher, and combined with a nice fan  or two to help circulate air, pet smells will be less noticeable.

2. Use Air Fresheners And/Or Odor Absorbers

Air fresheners can work wonders as a temporary solution. By spraying an air freshener around your furniture and on your floors, you’ll be able to cover the smell of pet odors for a few hours or so. Plug-in air fresheners can help mask pet odors as well, and in tandem with open windows and fresh air, it will help quite a bit.  Some folks will point out that all you are doing is masking odor problems, but covering up unpleasant odors with nicer smelling ones is a smart thing to do if you need a quickie solution.

Just be careful to pick something that is non-toxic to your animals. One thing that some pet owners swear by is vinegar. Yup, a plain cup of non-toxic vinegar can help reduce stinky smells in your room. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, just add some citrus rinds to it to make it nicer smelling or use apple cider vinegar.

For folks who want to avoid having to cover up odors, you can also try odor absorbers. Moto has a popular air purifying bag product that most users seem to love. I have not personally tried them yet but there are so many positive reviews, I am planning to try them out soon especially for the areas most heavily used by my pets.


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