Kids love arts and crafts and what better way to spend a rainy day than with art activities to build self-esteem in kids!  I know my daughter is always wanting to draw pictures and create things, so this is a fun way to make sure she knows how special she is as well.  Some of these are actually great works of art from your kids you will want to display when done!

‘I Can’ cans: Start saving empty coffee cans, or baby formula cans (if you have those, like I do).  Wrap them in white paper and let your kids decorate them how they want.  Or don’t wrap them and let them choose a color paper or patterned paper.  The idea is that once decorated, they write on slips of paper all of the things they can do.  It is a good reminder when they are having a bad day, that they can do things.

Mutual Complimenting: This is fun to do together.  You need 2 pieces of paper, one with giant bubble letters that says ‘ME’ and the other that says ‘my GIRL’.  With a bunch of different colors on hand, whether they be markers, crayons or pens, you will write 5 things you like about your daughter on the ‘my GIRL’ paper and she will write 5 things she likes about you on the ‘ME’ paper.  Then you swap and write 5 things you like about yourself and she does the same.  You will learn a lot about what your daughter loves about you!  It is a great time to open up conversation as well.

Hand tracing: Usually when you trace a child’s hand you turn it into a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Not this time.  It is the perfect object for a child to write all the things she loves about herself and who she is.  Trace her hand, in the center write ‘I am’ and then in the fingers, she writes what she is and what she is good at!  Then she can color it.  Put it up on the fridge so she can see it everyday!


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