I have another Valentine’s Day recipe for you today. So far in this category, we’ve made Heart Cookies with Cinnamon Icing and Poe’s Jacket Star Wars Cookies, but those are treats for boring old human beings. Today we’re making treats for our most adorable valentines, our pets!carrot-oat-applesauce-treats-for-dogs-and-horses-1

I have a bad habit of feeding my pets people food. My cats like popcorn and pineapple off of pizza, my dog lives for table scraps, and my horse’s favorite treats are sour patch kids, but I know those aren’t exactly good for them.

I feel much better about giving them something that is made with all-natural ingredients and isn’t full of oil and sugar. And that’s how these Carrot Oat Applesauce Treats came into being.

These treats are super easy to make, use ingredients you probably already have on hand, and whip up in about 10 minutes before going in the oven. The resulting treats are solid and easily portable, but slightly gummy so it gives pets something to chew on.

Ella sat in the entry way to the kitchen then entire time they were being made, just waiting for them to be done. Okay, she does that any time I cook anything in the kitchen, but she was extra excited about these. I know it.

When it came time for taste testing, they were a hit. Ella gobbled hers down and Daff was searching my pockets for more (BTW, horse people, these treats won’t fall apart in your coat pockets!!).


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