Cats love trees. In fact, it must be incredibly exciting for them to see you gussying one up with shiny hanging things on it for them to play with indoors. So its important to consider how to catproof your holiday evergreen before you end up with broken ornaments on the floor, with it toppling over, or worse. Click through the jump to read some tips for protecting your cat AND your tree after the jump.

We read a Wiki-How article written by cat owners about how to cat-proof your tree and here are a few steps they suggested:

1. Use a piece of high test fishing line to connect the top of the tree to the ceiling. This will prevent the tree from tipping.

2. Hang ornaments by using wire ornament hangers. Use a pair of pliers to clamp the hook part around the branch.

3. Use duct tape. If the tree is shorter than 6′, use duct tape to tape the legs of the holder to a piece of wide ply-wood and put the whole thing on a short, sturdy table. This keeps the tree above their level and the cats won’t be as interested.

4. Plug the tree lights into a short indoor extension cord and tape the plug into the socket with electrical tape. Simply unplug the lights from the extension cord to turn off.


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