If your kids love french toast, you can make breakfast or lunch even more fun and tasty for them by whipping up a batch of cinnamon sugar french toast shapes!  They’re super-easy to make, and using cookie cutters, you can shape them to match whatever season or theme you please!Cinnamon-Sugar-French-Toast-Mittens-Recipe

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that we got SNOW yesterday!!!  To celebrate that excitement, I made some cinnamon-sugar french toast mittens for lunch.

It was really quite blizzard-like here.  It was very exciting, with little people running from window to window, hollering updates every few minutes.  To celebrate, we had a little mitten theme going on here.   Our mitten-match up was a great activity.  It was super-simple to prepare,  and all of the Hooligans (from 2 right up to 5) really loved it.   Check it out if you’re looking for something that’s fast and easy to whip up, and a great exercise in fine motor control for your little one.

For lunch, the Hooligans knew we were having French Toast, but what they didn’t know was that with all the snow coming down, and the mitten matching going on in the next room, I’d decided to jazz things up a bit.


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