You don’t have to pass a cold around all winter. last year we cracked down and found 5 must haves to kick the cold like this cold buster green smoothie.

I hate winter. I know, lots of people love it and cannot wait to get outside and enjoy all that the snow has to offer, but I hate it. Strong word? I seriously dislike it I guess. I am learning to really enjoy skiing, but I still freeze to death and cannot last very long out there. But the major reason (other than not having light to photograph recipes) I don’t like winter is because we all get sick and pass it around over and over again all winter long. I freeze all winter which I’m sure keeps me sick, but Ricola and I are fighting back and learning how to fight a cold- cold buster green smoothie and with little tricks for this sponsored post. Kind of like these cold buster fruit leathers we are packing in special ingredients to fight back and take back winter. And there’s a fun giveaway so scroll down!

So, I’m going to jump right into it because we’ve had an interesting year. We’ve been getting more and more sick since living in freezing cold Utah and a lot of that has to do with inversion. If you haven’t heard of it like I hadn’t then count yourself as lucky. It’s lame. Basically all of the junk in the air gets trapped in the valley because Utah is shaped like a bowl and the high mountains act like a huge wall. So, our air quality goes way down and everyone gets sick. Last year we decided that we couldn’t deal with it anymore so we came up with a few things to try and I’m happy to say we were hardly ever sick last year and (knock on wood) haven’t really been sick this winter either!


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