Coronavirus CVOID-19 Update

EatLoco Farmers Market Update
1. We will be spacing out each vendor from each other at both EatLoco Farmers Markets by providing a 10 foot empty space between every 5 vendors for social distancing. In addition, we will be positioning all vendors tents up on the curb, giving an additional 20 feet of road space down through the middle of the market for customers.
2. We are encouraging vendors and customers to providing larger amounts of additional space to give customers more room when they’re shopping, paying for products or simply walking the market.
3. We will have hand sanitizer at many of the vendors tables (if we can still get them), or we will make provide home-made hand sanitizer if possible.
4. ALL EatLoco market vendors are required to wear gloves, including our market managers. No exceptions.
5. Our produce vendors will ask our customers to please use the provided gloves or supplied parchment paper when picking through fruit or veggies.
6. We are encouraging no handshakes or fist bumps between vendors and other vendors or customers. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spreading of the virus. Please use the elbow bump.
7. We encourage customers to use either Google Play or Apple Pay for purchases. If a vendor does not have the ability to use Google Play or Apple Pay, we ask our customers to manually insert your card (either swipe or chip) into the machine to prevent vendors from touching payment.
8. There will be no more samples out in the open at the market for customers. If a vendor offers, or customer asks, or you see a sign that says, “ask me for samples” a vendor may hand a customer a sample using tongs or some type of utensil.
9. Wipe down/sanitization of market booth areas will be required by vendors through the day at the market. This includes stations, tables, tent poles and anything else that is in a common space.
10. We are all in this together. EatLoco as a team along with our vendor partners are doing everything possible to make sure the markets are as safe as possible for our customers and vendors. If you feel there is something we’re missing or could do better, please let us by emailing
Thank you,
Dan Hine
EatLoco, Founder and CEO


To protect all of our customers, staff and vendors, please be conscious, practice social distancing and lets get through this together. If you have any questions or concerns please email

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