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Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day weekend? I wasn’t going to mention it here but here’s goes. .  I had a VI peel done to my face on Thursday. I have sun spots on my face that I’m trying to get rid of . . I’ve talked about my skin here. And I did have laser treatment done that only made them worse. So, over the past year, I’ve just been using products and having a light, very mild chemical peel done to my face every few months. They have been great and my skin looks a lot better now. .  I just still have these darn sun spots. They have lightened but are still visible. So, as recommended by Katie, my medical aesthetician, who I love, I went for it! If you’re in Madison, you need to go see her here.

The VI Peel makes your skin peel like crazy and by crazy, I mean scary crazy. My face is peeling all over the place, like the whole top layer of my skin is coming off. It’s crazy. My kids and husband just stared at me this entire weekend. And Phoebe and Madeline, keep coming up close to stare, stare some more and say, “oh this is so weird.” I am only mentioning this because it was Valentine’s Day weekend and I didn’t leave the house at all. You have to stay out of the sun for 7 days ..  and because of all the peeling, you kinda don’t want to leave the house anyway; for fear of scaring people.


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