These sweet Gluten-Free breakfast wraps are the perfect grab and go breakfast! Portable, freezer friendly, and filled with wholesome simple ingredients! Literally a healthy breakfast bowl wrapped up to go; 3 ways! Healthy breakfast wraps that will satisfy your hunger on a busy schedule. 

Can I be honest with you? Um. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be working from home until my husband switched careers. Yes, meal prep bowls and grab and go gluten free wraps were pretty non existent during our triathlon career days. I was (okay, I still am) a Sherpa wife that had time to make meals and snacks to feed “the crew” from home whenever. Gasp! The luxury I know. But still, food prep should be a good thing to implement, no matter the career or lifestyle, yes? Just ask my friend the Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean! She is my meal/food prep inspiration and devotes a whole Sunday to it! I love it!

Which brings me back to this whole grab and go concept. What if we could make eating gluten free part of healthy meal prep? Without even trying! Oh yes, it can be done! That I know and practice already! Phew!

You see, despite the convenience of working from home, my husband is still very much active and training. Even with a real Job now. Which means breakfast to go is a must! He doesn’t eat much before a morning workout because he’s usually out the door before 7am. Sure he could easily grab a quick bite at a coffee shop on the way, but that’s not cheap either, nor is it usually healthy. So we decided to come up with a game plan. Freezer friendly gluten free breakfast wraps with Udis Gluten Free Tortillas. Soft, tasty, gluten free tortillas. YEA! TOTAL GAME CHANGERS Ya’ll!

I filled each breakfast wrap with ingredients similar to some of our favorite morning breakfast bowls. Balanced in healthy fats, fruit, real food based gluten free carbs, and natural sugars! They are also vegetarian so they would hold up well longer. Oh and because we really are big kids and what kid does not like a sweet breakfast? Haha.


*NOTES* Just use those leftover oats/rice for filling. No wasting here!


I call this the perfect Parfait wrap. Get it? Haha! Parfait is perfect in French. I know. I’m corny. This wrap is filled with Udis Gluten Free Vanilla Granola, Greek yogurt (or coconut yogurt if you need dairy free), and raspberry preserves or jam.


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