Are you looking for a great hobby outdoors? Do you want something that incorporates physical exercise and gives a huge sense of satisfaction? Plus, you also get to make some money eventually? Then vegetable gardening might be perfect for you. The benefits of vegetable gardening aren’t just limited to physical exercise though.

If you’re really wondering why you should consider planting your garden with vegetables, take a look at these reasons why.

#1. Fresh Produce – You get access to fresh produce that you know hasn’t been sitting around in storage for weeks or even months, before it hit the stores.

#2. Family Friendly Hobby Vegetable gardening is a hobby that can get everyone involved in it. From your kids to your spouse, family and friends, everyone and anyone can pitch in.

#3. Better Appreciation of Food – When your kids are involved in the vegetable gardening process, they will have a better appreciation of food. They will also be more interested in eating their greens since they helped harvest and look after them.

#4. Great Physical Exercise – Working in the vegetable garden involves a lot of physical activity. From weeding to watering plants to harvesting, it takes a lot of work and if you want a healthy hobby, vegetable gardening is a great one.

#5. Cut Down on the Grocery Bill – When you’re growing your own vegetables, you can check off a lot of items from your grocery list. You’ll be saving up a lot more money than you previously spent on them.

#6. More Control Over Quality – Since you’re growing vegetables, you are in control of the kind of pesticides, fertilizers and other factors that make an impact on the vegetables health. This ensures you have better control over quality and add a few tweaks here and there until you grow vegetables that you want.

#7. Better for the Environment – You can help the environment not only by planting trees but by growing vegetables as well. It also improves the ecosystem in your own garden as well.

#8. Instant Neatening of Garden – If you’ve always had a messy garden, growing vegetables will add a modicum of neatness to your garden.

#9. Make Some Money – So the harvest has been plentiful and good and you’re wondering what to do with so much produced? Simply sell it at a Farmer’s market where others can benefit from it and you get to make some money as well.

#10. You Learn to Plan – Growing vegetables requires a lot of planning and you really understand the importance of planning ahead. From sprouting to harvesting, your ability to plan can increase your success in gardening and also help you in other aspects as well.

Organic or Non-Organic Veggies – Which is Better?

Now that you have decided to plant vegetables, you might be faced with a minor conundrum. Should you plant organic or non-organic veggies? This question in turn will lead you to other questions as well so before you get confused about it, let’s take a closer look at them.

The Differences Between Organic and Non-Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables are those that are grown naturally. All pesticides used are natural ones and all processes and procedures are done without the use of synthetic materials or procedures. On the other hand, non-organic vegetables make use of chemicals, pesticides and other synthetic procedures for their production.



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