There are two types of people in this world: those who prefer the cookie, and those who prefer the dough.  While I ADORE cookies, I fall definitively into the latter camp.  In college, I kept a log of Tollhouse chocolate chip in my dorm room fridge, available whenever I needed to pinch off a bite (or three).  In my later, more healthy years, I’ve been known to keep a glass container full of this stuff in my freezer, digging into it with a spoon on Bachelorette nights (anyone else Team Luke?) or even a few sneaky mornings.

And now, in the spirit of summer, I’ve translated my addiction into a milkshake.  A completely vegan, paleo, refined sugar free, healthy cookie dough milkshake.  You could call this a smoothie and drink it for breakfast, if you wanted – it’s that good for you.  But the flavor – the flavor is all decadence.  It’s rich, buttery, filled with vanilla smoothness and bursting with bites of chocolate.  Beyond freezing a bit of nondairy milk in ice cube trays the night before, the whole thing also comes together in about two minutes flat.

There are a few secret ingredients here that give it that supreme cookie dough flavor.  Almond butter brings that rich butteriness, while an abundance of vanilla extract ensures that chocolate chip cookie essence.  I also swapped chocolate chips for cacao nibs, which are completely unprocessed crushed cacao beans and thus retain more of chocolate’s amazing nutrients.  You know when people talk about chocolate being a super food?  They’re talking about raw cacao, which is packed with theobromine, magnesium, and antioxidants that give you a mellow energy and loads of immune-boosting power.  They completely satisfy my chocolate cravings, and I love the faint crunch they give when pulsed into the milkshake, but if you prefer, you can also use dark chocolate chips or shavings.


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