Healthy-Homemade-Dog-treats-doneWell I’ve had a crazy summer. I had some new good things happen and some new not so good things. The main good thing was the addition of this cute little puppy we call Izzy.

I was stressed out at the beginning of the summer because so much was happening in our lives and I had never had a puppy before and couldn’t believe how much work they are. However this little sweetheart has taken over out house and our hearts. She has been so much fun to all of us that I can’t imagine not having her in our lives. Since I love to cook, I am on a mission to make healthy treats for this one. My husband things I’m crazy (that’s nothing new there), but it’s fun for me. This was my first experiment and I’m sure there will be more in future posts.  Here’s a pic of both of my sweethearts, Max and Izzy. He has wanted a puppy for years and he is having a wonderful time with Izzy. It makes me so happy to see him playing with her. I was worried the novelty would wear off but it hasn’t.

Below is a list of 10 fruits and vegetables that you can feed your dog. I don’t like to feed our puppy scraps from the table (yet) but I do like to give her some of these every once in awhile as a treat. I wish I had a video of her and the carrot. She would bark at it, back up, surge forward and bark some more. Well it was funny to us.


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