When it comes to your weekly trip to the farmers market, it’s always better to have a plan. I love to hop on my bike and cruise down to the local market to relax and take in that sweet, slow Sunday morning moment. I always end up chatting with the local vendors and taking some time to smell the fresh flowers. But, i’ve learned that my time is spent better when I have a few goals set in the back of my mind. Here, are my tips for your next trip to the market:


  • Bring your own bag: I have a rotating selection of re-usable bags I’ve purchased over the years from Trader Joe’s, Wegmans and Whole Foods. These bags always come in handy and can be folded up and thrown in your purse/tote!



  • Have a menu in mind: it always helps to know what you’ll be cooking up that week. With everyone’s busy schedules these days there’s barely time to make it to the grocery store after work with everything else going on. I always find time to plan out a weekly food schedule so I know exactly which vendors to hit up and check off my list!



  • Make friends with vendors: not only is it always a great conversation, but I love chatting with the local vendors to talk about the latest yield they produced, their growing process and to pick their brains for any tips on how to use the ingredient, garden my own or even food storage. Plus, you never know what fresh produce their keeping hidden under the table for you!



  • Early bird does get the worm: one of my favorite routines is heading over to the market right when they open with my cup of joe. It’s a warm, sunny morning and you get first dibs on all the freshest picks! However, if you are on a budget… head over there near closing time instead to get some last minute deals on the produce they don’t want to take with them – you can always throw some bruised veggies or fruits in a soup stock or smoothie!



  • Know how to store your purchases: whether you’re buying food for the next food days or stocking up for a few weeks, know which to eat first and what you can store. Educate yourself and organize your food schedule so you can get the most from your items!


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