When I first decided to raise quail I noticed through research the majority of quail were raised in wire cages or some type of cage that looked similar to a rabbit hutch. This wasn’t how I wanted my quail experience to end up. The vision I wanted was for these little birds to roam the grass hunting for bugs, much like they would do if they were living in the wild.quail-ground1

Knowing this I couldn’t open free range due to sky predators and the chance of them flying away. There was this desire to implement housing that was covered with access to the ground and that’s what I came up with.

My Experience with Quail

I began my experience with the Coturnix quail; they are the hardiest of all quail and a perfect choice for beginners. I knew very little about this breed in the early stages; later I discovered there were sub-categories within this variety. This was exciting and a little confusing at first because they all have beautiful color patterns, making it difficult to just have one so I ended up with a mixed flock. This is not always the best idea if you plan to incubate eggs later on.

The Coturnix quail adapted beautifully to the ground. They had the opportunity to live in three different housing options which I’ll share later. I wasn’t sure if raising these quail on the ground would be a positive experience because for the most part this breed has been rather domesticated and primarily raised for the purpose of eggs and meat.

It was like they wanted to be on the ground because they adapted over night.


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