How do you garden with your kids!?

I get asked this all the time and I feel like I have a good ‘kids gardening groove’ these days so I wanted to share how you can garden with your kids too!

First a little story.

Our 5-year-old daughter is shelling peas for her 2.5-year-old younger sister. It took a little practice & patience, some real life hand to eye coordination but she got it in the end. Peas are a vegetable they’ve both previously refused to eat. After seeing the miracle of a pea pod growing from a flower, talking about how the bees pollinate our food for us, and seeing that pod plump up full of bright green peas, both our daughters are eating homegrown peas fresh, raw and out of the shell. It keeps them busy while I get a little weeding done.

The perfect sandwich is the one they can practically make on their own. You deal with the oven and the eating. Let the kids handle the rest (and the clean-up!)

I’d like to tell you that all gardening with children is this magical. The days are full with fresh food, little hands harvesting and carrying baskets and preparing food together.

In reality it’s both the magic of days like this mixed with a little chaos that makes gardening with babies and young children an enjoyable but challenging adventure.

Because I could also tell you stories of a mischievous 2 year-old that pulled up all the tags that marked which of my Brassica plants were which and then I had no idea what was a broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage plant. Or the time a friend sent their kids to harvest cucumbers from the greenhouse and they harvested all the premature baby watermelons instead, ruining an entire summer crop in one swoop!


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