Are you searching for an earache home remedy that works? Our Salt Sock Earache Remedy works amazingly well – and it’s all natural too!

Earaches are the worst. They affect your whole body and it is so hard to function when you have one. If you are like me, you try the home remedies first, and get out your essential oils before doing anything else.

I have found this particular earache home remedy to be one that is very helpful. It is also incredibly easy to make, which, let’s face it, is a huge blessing if you are the one who needs it!

You can use it repeatedly for anyone in your family, too. I made up two salt socks since I used a pair of socks. It just made sense not to waste the odd sock and, within a week, a friend needed an earache home remedy, so I gave it to her.

The salts are great for holding the warmth since they are just minerals and it helps pull infection out of the ear, and ease the pain almost instantly when you lay on it.

The basil essential oil really helps ease the pain, and you can also use it (properly diluted) on your ear prior to, or after, using the sock. Rub it, and the lavender oil, along the front of the ear, down the jaw line and behind the ear. You can put oils in the outer edge of the ear, but NEVER put essential oils in your ear canal.

You will want to reapply the essential oils to the sock each time you use it since they will wear off over time.


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