Dark Chocolate-Amaretto Cake Bites that require no baking and just a few simple ingredients. Almond butter, cocoa, almond flour, almond extract, maple syrup, dark chocolate, and Amaretto. Perfect for the holidays and parties! This bite size dessert recipe is easy make non alcoholic, plus it’s vegan friendly.


Say hello to the worlds easiest grain free Chocolate-Amaretto Cake recipe. In cake bite form!

Okay but first!  You must promise me something. You are not allowed to judge my confession. I don’t care if you are a chocolate lover or super clean on sugar eater. I don’t care if you are paleo or vegan. I don’t care if you enjoy liquor or never drink it. The fact is, this is a no judge zone. Capeesh?

I just ate boozy cake bites for breakfast. … with coffee… and I enjoyed EVERY BITE. Says the Gluten free nutrition specialist. Blasphemy. Gasp!

You see, this is what happens when you make something delicious pre-holidays. Meaning, I have no one else to share these with except my husband, his co-workers, and my favorite neighbor.  Except.. I don’t think they drink and I surely don’t want them to accidentally give these to their kiddos. OMG, how funny (and embarrassing) would that be?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, these Dark Chocolate Amaretto cake bites have a non alcoholic version, but the ones I just made (and ate) are totally boozy. The real deal Amaretto ya’ll! Not the extract. So yes, I had a boozy chocolate cake dessert bite for breakfast. There could be worse things in life.

But let’s back the boozy train up for a minute. Do you think there is room in life for cake, liquor, and dark chocolate?! Obviously I think YES, indeed. Depending on your current state of health, that is.

Here’s where I try to justify my actions and recipe in lists form. Let’s examine, shall we?

For the past three I’ve shared a boozy no bake bread/cake bites recipe right around certain holidays.

Here a few:

These recipes are meant to serve as a quick easy recipe to share with others; whether that be at a party, gathering, or even as a gift. I never once think of these dessert cake bites as “indulgent food” only and here’s why.

  1. The amount of alcohol in each bite is trivial. It’s mainly for flavor. Unless you eat the whole batch in a sitting. I don’t recommend that though. Capeesh?
  2. The other ingredients in these so called “cake” bites and dessert bites are made with unrefined sugars, grain free, and vegan friendly ya’ll! Plus the extra dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, that evens out the liquor, right? Wink wink. We will get to the ingredients in a bit. Hang tight!
  3.  1 shot of hard liquor (our in this case Amaretto) is around 100 calories. Now, divide that into 25 bites. That’s 4-5 calories from alcohol per bite. See, not to shabby eh?

Okay okay, I’m not justifying that you have a dozen boozy cake bites for breakfast.. ahem, like me. But I am saying this. If you want to save time in the kitchen and enjoy cake guilt free (for the most part), then these cake bites are just the thing. Did I also mention they are super filling? Oh yes, for sure. A little goes a long way!

So, grab these ingredients and let’s get the ball rolling. I mean cake bite … rolling? Meh. My Pun failed.

For the Ameratto  “cake bite” batter you will need ? ?almond flour, unsweetened cocoa, coconut flour, coconut sugar, vanilla, sea salt, almond butter, Amaretto (or amaretto and almond extract), Maple syrup.



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