Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Smoothie (V, GF, DF): 10 grams of protein per serving. A delicious 3-ingredient recipe for creamy, thick, protein-packed peanut Peanut-Butter-Banana-Ice-Cream-Smoothie-Vegan-Dairy-Free-Gluten-Free-2Abutter smoothies that taste like ice cream. Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.

Happy Halloween!!! Wow, it just feels good saying that. Doesn’t it? Alright, if you’re not a Halloween fan, you know where the door is. J/K! Don’t mind me, it’s just that I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween!

But seriously, how many times did I just manage to write “Halloween” in one paragraph? Winning at life, I say. Ahem. Anywho, it’s been treats galore here at Beaming Baker—there have been all manner of homemade candy, decadent desserts and even those decadent desserts stuffed with all the homemade candy. Like, woah. Or, like, boo! ?

Halloween is awesome, amiright?? And since you’ve got plenty of indulgent awesomeness to keep your sweet teeth nice and satiated, I thought we’d take a teeny tiny break and do something a little different today.

Allow me to present to you: my Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Smoothie. YES!! So much Yes! Am I allowed to say that about my own recipe? Or do people even say “so much yes” anymore? They probably don’t… but we don’t care about stuff like that, do we? ?

Either way, we’ve got a super special, protein-packed treat that for-realsies tastes like ice cream, but is actually just fruits and nuts. How cool is that? Alright, peanuts aren’t technically nuts, I think. They’re that really interesting word… LEGUMES. Laaaay-Gumez. Yeah, no, that’s not how you pronounce it at all, probably.



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