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Welcome to EatLoCo, Loudoun County’s only website designed to provide and promote a reliable resource of healthy living options to the Loudoun community and home to the EatLoCo Marketplaces. While we are gaining national attention, our vision and focus remain dedicated to promote our sponsors through our two marketplace locations and digital presence.

EatLoCo’s traffic comes from a variety of sources – a combination of paid advertisements, EatLoCo Marketplace roadside banners, social media outreach, networking groups, local press releases, and the good ole’ word of mouth marketing that spreads from our online and Marketplace visitors.

But our work does’t stop there. We are continuing to drive large volumes of local traffic to the EatLoCo site and Marketplaces month after month. We do this by making each weekly Marketplace special through events, fundraisers, cook-offs, free cocoa, carolers for the holidays and more.

Our sponsors are reaping the benefits of our Marketplaces and site traffic, and you should too. We look forward to working with you and helping promote your business though all of our EatLoCo channels.

EatLoCo Website Promotion

Your company will be highlighted through sidebar advertisements and large homepage and individual page banners.

Social Media + Newsletter Promotion

Boost your digital presence as a sponsor – EatLoCo is backed by a marketing company that knows just how to promote your business and support on social media and through monthly newsletters.

Marketplace Event Promotion

At EatLoCo’s weekly Marketplaces, you can expect to see your company logo on the large entrance banner that welcomes all visitors, a vivid and informational rack card and a special shoutout & thank you.

Sponsored Event

Shout your company from Loudoun’s rooftops! At least, that’s what it will feel like when you have your very own sponsored Marketplace event.

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