8 Things To Do On An Active Recovery Day

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON VITAMIN SHOPPE. No matter how dedicated you are to crushing it at the gym (or in spin class, the pool, or out on the track), some days you wake up and just need some rest. Despite sore muscles and stiff limbs, many of us are tempted to...

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5 Tips for Working Out at Home

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON HEALTH. At-home workouts come with their own unique set of challenges. Try these tips to become a pro at working out at home, plus how to stay motivated when no one's watching.   Much like breaking a sweat at the gym, getting a solid...

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How to Maximize your Mid-day Workout

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON FURTHER MORE BY EQUINOX. This is the ideal lunchtime exercise routine.     For high performers, a lunch break can be the perfect window of time for a workout. Beyond its convenience, a midday sweat is a unique opportunity to optimize...

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Exercise Tips for Every Age

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Enjoy the benefits of regular exercise with these workout tips for every age.   Exercise benefits us in so many ways that it’s hard to name them all. From improving our physical fitness and reducing the risk of a huge...

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Top 8 Exercises For Diabetics

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON POSITIVE HEALTH WELLNESS. As a diabetic, you need to find ways to control your blood sugar levels. Getting your diabetes under control will help to prevent infection and other serious health problems. This is more than just following a...

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Beginner Body Weight Workout

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON NERD FITNESS. So you want to get in shape, but you have no gym membership. Ruh roh… That’s fine, you don’t need one to get in great shape! You can work out anywhere, like me in the photo above, doing push-ups on a cliff in South Africa....

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6 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON HOME HEALTHY HABITS. Have you been trying to melt extra pounds, gain muscle or  tone your body? If you are more than ready than this workout plan is great for men and women. This mini challenge can be done just about anywhere with NO...

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6 Exercises to Beat Bra Bulge

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON COSMOPOLITAN. Finally: A way to target your awkward armpit area. Even the fittest women get sensitive about the annoying bulge that peeks out of the sides of a bra, through the sleeve of a tank top, or over the neckline of a strapless...

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10 Successful Home Workout Tips

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON BEACH BODY. Working out at home is a lot easier than venturing into the wild and working out outdoors. With no wind, snow, rain, or mud, you have very little use for terms like SmartWool, Gore-Tex, or Synchilla. Working out at home is...

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