Build a Fall Garden Medicine Chest

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOTHER EARTH LIVING. Fall has come, and with it the time for us to put away our tools, slow down and prepare for a long winter’s rest. Many of us need this physical reminder. Between work, errands, school activities and more, it can be...

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Southwest Black Bean Dip & Chips

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON FOOD BABE. This time of year we love to get together and spend more time outside at parties and BBQ’s with friends and family. If we’re heading out, of course it’s customary to bring a dish and so I always do (and often bring several). ...

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Homemade Thai Butterfly Pea Shampoo

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON VINTAGE AMANDA. What was life like before pharmacies and grocery stores in every town?  So many simple things we take for granted – like handsoap.  Or bandaids.  Or ibuprofen.  Or even shampoo! For most of human history, you just...

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How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Naturally

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOMMYPOTAMUS. The sky is blue, racecar spelled backwards is still racecar, and in most cases heartburn is caused by low stomach acid, not high. Yes, seriously. After testing thousands of heartburn patients at his Tahoma Clinic, Jonathan...

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Swimmers Ear: Home Remedies for How to Avoid It

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON WELLNESS MAMA. Summer means swimming, water fun and time outside. Unfortunately, it also sometimes means the inconveniences attached to these activities. The mosquito bites, bee stings, skinned knees and swimmers ear. This year, my...

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How To: Make a Clarifying Skin Toner

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON VINTAGE AMANDA. I was always envious of those girls with luminous, smooth, glowing skin.     Skin that looked refined and buffed.  Porcelain or peaches-and-cream our grandmothers’ might have called it. That was never me.  I tend towards...

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7 Ways To Treat A Fever Naturally

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOMMYPOTAMUS. I Like Math Just About As Much As The Next Mom Counting baby toes, pennies and the number of times my son says “sooopooon” (spoon) in a day – all good stuff! But when it comes to my kids health, math rarely factors in. Why?...

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16 Remedies to Kick the Common Cold

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON EVERYDAY ROOTS. The common cold is a virus, or rather, lots of viruses-over 200, to be more specific. As a virus it is not curable, and since there are so many strains there’s not a way to make a vaccine like there is with the flu. When...

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How to Make Bone Broth

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON WELLNESS MAMA. If you aren’t already making bone broth regularly, I’d encourage you to start today! It is an incredibly healthy and very inexpensive addition to any diet and the homemade versions beat store bought broth in both taste and...

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Homemade Cough Syrup

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON THE COCONUT MAMA. Feeling sick? These natural homemade cough drops are my go-to when I’m fighting a cold. Made with natural ingredients like raw honey which is known to help suppress coughing and immune boosting coconut oil you can’t go...

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