Guide to Winter Immunity

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MOTHER EARTH LIVING. Fall and winter don’t have to be cold and flu season. Try these natural tips to improve your chances of fighting illness and staying healthy all year long.   Late fall and early winter offer many wonderful things:...

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Green Ways To Fight Colds & The Flu

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MIND BODY GREEN. Every year, without fail, I would get sick at the beginning of September. Kids are back to school; germs are everywhere. It would start as a tickle in my throat, which would quickly become red, swollen, and painful. When...

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Are you over-fruiting?

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON FURTHER MORE BY EQUINOX. Squeezing too much fruit into your diet may do more harm than good.     According to the principles of seasonal eating, our bodies begin to crave cleansing, hydrating foods in the warmer seasons. After months of...

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10 Ways To Hack Your Gut

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON MIND BODY GREEN. The concepts of metabolism, energy balance, and weight loss and management can feel really complicated and overwhelming. So let's break it down and cover the most important concepts: First, the food you eat is either...

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3 Steps to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON DR. AXE. It’s time to heal adrenal fatigue because chances are you’re dealing with it. (Or will at some point of your life.) It’s hard to believe, but adrenal fatigue is estimated to affect around 80 percent of people in the world....

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Tips for a Healthy and Happy 4th of July

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON TIME. The 4th of July is all about friends, family and food, and you can still have fun without sacrificing your healthy habits or beach body. Health experts Dr. Wayne Andersen, medical director of Take Shape for Life, and Cristina...

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