You’d reasonably assume that performing the “best” shoulder exercises would by default deliver the best shoulders possible – but as you’re going to find out over the course of this guide, that’s simply not always the case.

You’ve got to implement a great deal of intricacy in terms of careful planning, mind-body connection and ultimately a very in-depth understanding of how the shoulders work (as well as how to access them) if you’re going to stand a chance of fulfilling your boulder shoulder dream.

Over the course of this guide, you’ll learn the most effective movements, what the most effective shoulder workouts are and generally how to piece everything together to create a devastatingly powerful set of “cannonballs” to sit proudly at the top of your arms.

Are you ready to get stuck in and make some incredible progress? Read on!

Shoulder Muscles 101: Everything You Need To Know To Get Amazing Deltoids

In fairness to most guys out there who target this group, they usually pick the right exercises to perform (mostly) but due to their complete lack of understanding in regards to how the shoulders are actually constructed, they never manage to construct a strategic training plan that integrates every area of the shoulder.This is where your eyes open and you start to realize that there’s far, far more to training shoulders than you ever thought possible.

For instance, many people at your local gym will only ever associate the shoulders with being the front (anterior) deltoids as well as the upper traps – but if you’re going to develop the hugely impressive shoulders you’re looking for then it’s time for you to learn about every area involved in shoulder development and how best to target them all.

With that in mind, let’s get stuck into the first area – you’ll no doubt know what it is, but the information you digest here may change your perspective a little in regards to where some of your shoulder training mistakes lie.

Anterior deltoid (front deltoid)

This area tends to develop fairly fast on those who undertake resistance training for the first time, and in some cases stays a dominant part of a man’s physique several years into his training.This is the area of the shoulders that sticks out towards the front of the body and is the most commonly targeted (and typically developed) area on most trainees.

Why though? What is it about this area that leads to it typically being so prominent, and is this due to strategic planning or pure luck? The truth often lies somewhere between the two.


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