There was a point in time when I proudly bragged about being a dog person. Since then, I’m glad to say that I have met many different cats that I have completely fallen in love with. Since moving to England I have found myself constantly surrounded by a colorful assortment of feline friends who’ve all added their share of humor and affection to my day to day life.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 3.55.09 PMAt least twice a week I walk into the kitchen to find Felix, the cheeky little black and white cat who lives a few doors down, stealing Stanley’s dog food. Every open window is an invitation to Felix. One time I caught him on the counter polishing off the left over shrimp curry I made for Mike. Basil, the ginger cat across the road also likes to find his way in through open windows. I remember one evening in particular when Basil somehow managed to jump up through the kitchen window above the sink. Once he found his way up on the window ledge, he realized the only way down was into the skin. I don’t even know how he managed to jump up to the window in the first place – I can barely reach that window to open it most of the time.

If I even tried talking about the myriad quirks of our own cats, Rita and Mabel we could be here all day – so I’ll spare you. As much as I adore all the cats in my life – deep down, I’m still a dog girl. There are very few times that I can remember not having at least one dog growing up. Just  thinking about what all my dogs have meant to me, I get emotional. Whenever I felt like I was going through a particuarly rough time in my life, I always had a dog to look at me with their big dumb smiles, wag its tail, and remind me that things weren’t so bad after all because here in front of me sat a creature who loved me just as much as I loved him/her.


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