Happy FRI-YAY.


With spring in the air, I’ve been drawn to green juice like crazy this week. My body is cravinggggg them. All of a sudden, I need one everyday.

This vibrant blend was made to nourish your skin and bring about that yummy glow while giving you a boost of energy and tons of beauty-loving nutrients. I’ve been drinking this Skin Loving, Super Refreshing Green Juice everyday this week since sharing it sunday on Snapchat where it turned my tongue green (follow me: glowingfridge)!!!

BUT as much as I love greens, it’s funny how I go through phases with green juice. I chatted more about this “kale kick” in my kale coconut detox salad post, but I’m sure the warmer weather has a lot to do with eating all the kale and drinking all the green juice I can get my hands on. You may be thinking you can just go out and buy a green juice to save time and make life easier.

Sure, you could do that and sometimes I do it too. I’m not against a fresh, raw, cold-pressed juice here and there (make sure the juice you buy is ALL of those things), but there’s something about making it at home that brings about a new appreciation for fresh produce, ya know? Plus, blending it up in a high speed blender allows you to keep all the fiber and phytonutrients from the skin of the veggies and fruit, rather than stripping it away in pulp form from a juicer… which basically makes it sugar juice.

When you blend it up at home, you get to keep all that goodness and fiber in. This keeps you fuller for longer and is SO MUCH MORE nourishing than a store-bought green juice. Investing in your health and investing in a blender will change the way you look at smoothies and juices.

Because honestly, it’s all about texture.

The Blendtec changed my life and I don’t want to constantly promote an expensive blender but until you know what a blendtec or vitamix can do for your health, you won’t understand the investment. I use it multiple times a day. It’s SO powerful and will last you 8 years or longer. The smoothness aspect and the fact that it can turn veggies into a juice as smooth as the juice from a juice bar had me sold immediately. You’ll be sipping the smoothest of smoothies while making homemade almond butter and healthy ice cream.

Don’t want to get too off topic here but having the right blender makes the world of a difference when trying to make your own creations at home.  It’s as simple as having the right tools and once you have them, you’ll have no idea how you ever lived without them.


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