Why EatLoco?

Have you ever dreamed that your market fee would give you more than a space to set-up and sell? That it would pay for more than your market manager? That it would bring direct, additional, tangible benefit to your farm or business? Your hard earned money is valuable, and as an EatLoCo member vendor, we put your fee to work for you.

EatLoco Founder Dan Hine, is a successful, marketing powerhouse with over 20-years of making customers happen for Loudoun County businesses. As our parent-organization, Dan has brought together the resources of both companies to build the EatLoco farmers markets into the economic home of our vendors. Our designers create signs and banners for the roads and market vicinities and ensure they are displayed to the maximum extent allowable. We produce and distribute rack cards for events that list our vendors and make daily updates to the EatLoco website and social media that include marketplace information as well as articles and news attractive to people seeking healthy options and lifestyles. We recruit sponsors to help pay the advertising expenses and to increase our brand and marketplace identity and recognition as a first-class experience for customers. This creates customer interest and draws more and repeated public attendance at the marketplace(s). We create beautiful, uniquely designed ad-tiles on the EatLoco.org website that highlight each and every one of our current EatLoco vendors. When clicked, the box takes the visitor directly to that vendor’s website or Facebook page. We write press releases, blogs, articles and social media posts with messaging skillfully designed to draw traffic to our sites and provide exposure to our markets and vendors. We run paid social media ads for contests, deals, events, individual vendors and more, bringing more people to the market and reaching others that never knew there was a local farmers market available. All of this brings incredible brand recognition for your business as well as ours. We provide this priceless package of benefits year-round for our member vendors.


The venues we select have serious skin-in-the-game. Our venues are looking for the positive, public exposure an EatLoco farmers market brings to their location. This helps them attract investors, business tenants, residents, and other customers to their location. Our venue owners cross-promote our markets and member vendors to their mailing lists, their social media sites, and their local associations. These venues are high-end communities where the residents live, work, play and worship. Most residents have the capacity and desire to support local growers and businesses, and are happy to pay a premium for farm fresh products and handmade items from our farmers and vendors.


Our markets attract high-quality vendors with unique products that bring their own customer base to the markets. Each customer that comes to the market to buy from their favorite vendor, becomes a potential customer for everyone else. We carefully balance our markets to ensure a wide variety of products but without over-saturating the market with any particular product. Our diverse, high-quality vendors and market events, create the ideal customer experience. This causes customers to return with their families, friends, and even business contacts bringing higher profits to the member vendors.

Liaison Services

As a farmer’s advocate, we’re committed to improving the vendor’s bottom line in every way possible. We facilitate connections between farmers and local restaurants, chefs, conference centers, banquets halls, and catering services that increase the vendor’s exposure and economic opportunities. Using locally sourced food is a game-changing business strategy in a competitive restaurant industry particularly when cross-promoted by the EatLoco advertising machine. The EatLoco team work hard every day generating interest in local farm products, following up on potential leads, meeting with county-government advocates, taking samples to restaurant chefs and owners and making connections for farmers.


What if your currently available products had a centralized location for generating online orders accessible to the residents of the richest county in the United States – Loudoun County? Would that help your business’s bottom line? We think so, so EatLoco has begun putting together an Ecommerce solution for our vendors to sell their products online and for customers to pickup at one of our markets. Development of this ecommerce system is a benefit to EatLoco vendor members.

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